Weightlessness Zero-G Experience in Russia


Fulfil your astronaut dreams with this cosmic experience

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Treat yourself to an aerial adventure you’ll never forget. Located in Russia’s Star City, the world’s largest centrifuge, the IL-76 MDK voyage, presents an exciting opportunity for you to experience what zero gravity feels like. The experience will start with a safety briefing before you board this remarkable laboratory aircraft and fly 10 parabolas, each taking 10 miles of airspace to perform, allowing you to experience over five minutes of weightlessness. Don’t miss this exciting chance, book now!

This voucher entitles one person to a 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours weightlessness flight, including 10 parabolas with around 30 seconds of complete weightless in each, equipment hire, a check up before the flight and on site transfers. This voucher is valid for 10 months, for one person. This experience is available on 2-3 dates per year, usually in April and October. This experience will take around 5-6 hours and the flight will last 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours. Minimum age is 18 years, please contact the supplier before booking if you are over 70 years. This experience requires the customer to be in good health. Please note flights to Russia, accommodation and visas are not included.