Piaggio Ape Racing for Four in Hertfordshire


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Available between Sunday-Friday at least once every two months. Available on at least one date every two months. Dates for 2020: Saturday 25th April 6.30pm, Sunday 17th May 6.30pm, Saturday 30th May 6.30pm, Saturday 13th June 6.30pm, Sunday 28th June 6.30pm and Saturday 18th July 6.30pm. Experience lasts around two hours, with a total of one hour on the track (including 30 minutes of hands-on driving time per driver). Teams are split into groups of two and up to ten teams race on the day. Minimum age is 16. Minimum height is 4’6” and maximum is 6’6”. Maximum weight is 18 stone. This experience isn’t suitable for anyone with a back or neck complaint or for pregnant women. Racing might be cancelled or curtailed in extreme weather conditions (e.g. snow, ice, heavy rain or high winds) which would make driving at speed dangerous. All dates are subject to availability.