Meet the Lemurs Experience at Paradise Wildlife Park


Meet the Lemurs for some amazing animal antics – time to monkey around!

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A close encounter with these furry little monkeys will make anyone ‘s day. Native to the rainforests of Madagascar , these inquisitive and playful creatures, renowned for their orange eyes and long tails, spend most of their time in the wild in bushes and trees. Now you can get up close and personal inside their enclosure to feed these friendly Lemurs by hand. You will also receive a certificate as a memento of this experience which is suitable for anyone over 10 years old.

Your voucher is valid for 10 months. This experience is suitable for anyone over 10 years old. We recommend that you wear old clothes as the Lemurs are likely to clamber all over you, they are also not toilet trained! Admission to the Park is included and you are welcome to spend the whole day at the attraction. The feeding session is at 1pm. Spectators are welcome and can purchase standard admission at the gate. Please check that you are up to date on your tetanus inoculations (this can be verified by your GP).