London Bridge Ghost Tour for Two Adults and Two Children


Explore the hidden secrets of the famous London Bridge with this family ghost tour

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These days London Bridge may be famous for its exciting bars, exuberant markets and stunning architecture but it wasn’t always the hub of fun that it is now! On this spooky ghost tour you and your family will be taken back in time to an era when London Bridge was the place that all law abiding citizens dared not to visit. You’ll be able to explore England’s oldest prison, listening out for the whispers of the ghosts that haunt the ancient walls, as well as hearing gruesome tales of medieval operations without anaesthetic in the world’s oldest operating theatre.

This voucher is valid for 10 months for two adults and two children and includes a London Bridge ghost tour with Lantern Ghost Tours lasting for approximately 1.5 hours. This experience is available Saturdays at 7:30pm until 22nd December 2018 (2019 dates will be announced later this year). All dates are subject to availability.