Harness Zorbing for Two at Manchester South


Get the fastest adrenaline rush around with this Harness Zorbing experience

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Think about what it would be like to take a ride in a giant hamster wheel and you’ll get an idea of what Harness Zorbing is all about! In this extreme sport you and a friend are strapped into an inflatable Zorbing ball to experience the ride of your lives. Once you’ve been pushed down the hill, you’ll experience speeds of up to 30 miles per and some pretty strong g forces! But there’s nothing to fear as the harness keeps you safe until you hit the bottom. Perfectly situated between Stoke and Manchester, you could explore one of these vibrant cities for the rest of the day.

A Harness Zorbing experience for two people. Your voucher is valid for 10 months for two people. This experience is available on selected dates. All dates are subject to availability.