Bounce Below for One


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Take a trip down in to a 176-year old disused cavern in the heart of the Welsh countryside and experience Bounce Below – a unique thrill like no other! This gigantic subterranean playground is filled with massive trampoline-like nets, all lit up with beautiful technicoloured lights, where you are free to bounce, climb and slide to your heart’s content. With two chambers to explore, all linked together with walkways and slides, you’ll have the time of your life!

Your voucher is valid for 10 months. This package is for one person. This experience is available week-round. Minimum age is 7. Please note that one participating adult must accompany every seven children for children 16 years and younger. Maximum weight is 120kg. Whilst this activity is designed to be accessible to most people it does offer a degree of physical and mental challenge. Due to the type of activity, medical conditions e.g. heart conditions, claustrophobia or epilepsy may increase the chance of being involved in an incident, resulting in injury to the person or others. Unfortunately for persons with special needs or during pregnancy, this activity is not suitable for safe participation. You are advised to wear sensible clothing – the activity is based in an underground cavern where the temperature is approximately 8 °C. Long hair should be tied back, all jewellery and scarves to be removed and skirts are not recommended. Trainers are ideal; no open toe shoes, flip flops, sandals or walking boots. All dates are subject to availability.