90 Minute Motion Flight Simulator Experience


Fly around the world in your choice of three professional simulators and learn all the basics of being a pilot with this realistic flight simulation

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Take to the sky in an ultra-realistic flight simulator without ever leaving the ground and learn to fly in total safety – with a choice of three machines, two with motion and one set into a real aircraft, and a real pilot to instruct you, you’ll be a pro in no time! At Coventry Airport in the Midlands, you’ll choose between the Sabena Airlines 737, the Aer Lingus 747 or the British Airways Airbus A320; all have been used to teach pilots and crew for real airlines and so have very realistic graphics and exact replica controls! This won’t be anything like your fairground simulator, and you’ll begin with an in-depth half-hour briefing, which will cover flight techniques, controls, aerodynamics and more, before you select your take-off point and destination from a huge range of airports including Hong Kong, Salzburg and more and leave the runway!

This experience for one includes a thirty-minute flight brief, and a sixty-minute simulation flight in one of the following three simulators: the Sabena Airlines, the British Airways or the Aer Lingus. You do not need prior flight experience to enjoy this experience, although it is suitable for all levels. Both the 737 and A320 have motion, whilst the 747 is static but has a wraparound graphic display screen. You should allow two hours for your experience. This experience is available Monday-Friday between 9:15am and 5pm. Your voucher is valid for one person for ten months and all dates are subject to availability.