160ft Bungee Jump in London Next to The O2


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A truly breathtaking vision, there’s nothing more exciting than viewing the sights of London from 160ft above the ground – apart from following it with a bungee jump! An exhilarating experience, you’ll enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush as you plummet through the air with the backdrop of the O2 Arena behind you. A thrilling test of bravery, your heart will race as you experience face-shifting Gs with this unique taste of freefall.

Your voucher will be valid for 10 months. This package is for one person. This experience takes place near the O2 Arena in London – other London venues may occasionally be available, please enquire on booking. If you suffer from the following conditions you cannot jump: high blood pressure, heart condition, dizziness, epilepsy, pregnancy, asthma, neurological conditions, diabetes and the maximum weight restriction is 18 stones. If you suffer from the following you should seek medical advice and provide a certificate before you jump: damage to neck, back, ankles or eyes. Please inform the operator if you are taking any medication. Please dress according to the weather as there may be no shelter.